On The Farm

Coming Full Circle: Back to Farming in Woodside

Woodside and City View have long-standing histories – their roots deeply seeded in agriculture. The area started with John H. O’neal’s farm in about 1880. By 1908, roughly 80 acres of farmland were established in what we now call City View.

The area has changed hands multiple times with mill owners, farmers, and real estate developers all contributing their fair share to the worn-out soil we’re now stewarding back to health. The community has had highs and lows since its establishment. There were decades of flourishing small businesses, churches, and community initiatives followed by times of depression. Mills closed and jobs, housing, and the local businesses that once served them followed.

There are many sad realities that have stuck. Poverty, low education levels, little access to higher waged work, and abandoned buildings plague the area. However, with grassroots efforts, such as those by the City View Coalition, locals are working towards a future where residents feel empowered.

City View Coalition
City View Coalition SOURCE: Greenville Online ‘Coalition working for a better City View’

We’re here to join that mission and help City View and Woodside return to their roots.

Farming didn’t stop with John H. O’neal in the early 1900s. Ms. Tarrant, one of our biggest supporters, was born and raised in Woodside. Her family and their neighbors farmed the very land Woodside City Farm is now on.

Neighbor and Woodside native, Ms. Tarrant, as a child with her family on what's now WCF
Neighbor and Woodside native, Ms. Tarrant, as a child with her family on what’s now WCF.

“While I was growing up, food brought our neighborhood together. I hope this project can do that again,” said Ms. Tarrant.

This project is not just about growing food, it’s about growing a stronger community with conservation at its core. In 100 years from now, we hope residents will reap the rewards of well-stewarded land and strong connections in their community.