Our Partners

partners-largeThe Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District has an ultimate goal of saving soil and water for future generations of South Carolinians. The local conservation district relies on volunteers to install best management practices on the land and to become educated about the importance of taking care of natural resources. Greenville in an urban center with diminishing farmland and GCSWCD believes Legacy City Farm will encourage sound urban gardening practices in the area.

Legacy Charter School is the only public school in South Carolina that requires 45 minutes of physical education each day. It serves students up to four healthy meals with 2-3 vegetables a day and teaches manners and social skills. It has a longer school day and expects all students to go to college.  Legacy will integrate its curriculum with the Farm, as well as advocate purchasing produce from the Farm. Evidence from a long term study shows that the Legacy alignment with physical activity continues to improve cognitive ability. Campbell Young Leaders is a private foundation started to help under-served children achieve their potential. Campbell Young Leaders heads the Board of the Legacy Charter School and are generously supplying the land and facilities for the Farm.

Chartwells is the food service for Legacy Charter School. Chartwells promotes locally grown produce and supports local farms. They have agreed to purchase produce from the Farm.

Greater Greenville Sanitation, which operates a mulch and compost facility using recycled yard debris, has agreed to support soil building for the Farm including ground cover, soil, compost and on-going technical assistance in crop and fertility management.

Gardening for Good is an aggregate of community gardens in Greenville. Its mission is to foster communication, promote exchange of knowledge, facilitate stewardship of resources and support advocacy efforts among Greenville County garden initiatives.  Gardening for Good has agreed to regular ongoing access to their tool library and will also serve as a way to promote educational opportunities affiliated with the Farm.