On The Farm

That’s a Wrap!

It’s hard to believe the grant year has come to a close. We’ve learned an incredible amount over the past year and are grateful to have been given this opportunity to bring sustainable farming to the City View and Woodside communities. In the past year, we’ve set up a business, cleared an overgrown plot of land, developed the site, and grew a whole lot of lettuce! Thank you to our partners and the fantastic community that helped make it all possible. A special thanks to our neighbors, local restaurants, and the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery for supporting our mission and loving our produce.

It’s here we say goodbye to Woodside City Farm

The project’s original partners have chosen not to continue with the farm, and farm staff and volunteers will be focusing on new endeavors. While we don’t know what will become of the farm site, we hope conservation and community remain at the heart of it. Jason continues to grow food in his own yard and will be on the lookout for future vacant lots! We hope our hard work will serve as a resource for future urban farmers as they develop their own projects and navigate the associated hurdles.

Thanks to all who supported and followed our journey from kudzu to crops!